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28 May Stephen Michaelis / C# / game / indie / unity
In January I was running out of things to do around the house since covid hit. I decided to start playing with C# code and dig into game development again. This time I wanted to drop my bad habbit of trying to code everything from scratch, so I have decided to use Unity. You can check out my progress on Twitter and YouTube
01 October Stephen Michaelis / ubuntu / unity
This is how I installed Unity on Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS. At the time of this post I went to the last post in the following thread in the Unity Forum follow the instructions to the download of the Unity Editor. At the time of this post, the file I downloaded UnitySetup-2018.2.7f1. Open a terminal and go to where the file was downloaded and make the file executable: chmod +x UnitySetup-2018.2.7f1 Now execute the executable: