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06 December Stephen Michaelis / golang / pixel
2019-01-12 Finally have the mouse cursor sticking to the scrollbar grip. 2018-12-30 Working on a panel with scrollbars. so far so good needs some adjustments, but it has functionality. ![](/img/pixel-ui/Peek-2018-12-30 08-19.gif) 2018-12-06 I have been playing more and more with the pixel game library. More and more I want some controls to use in my development. Simple buttons or checkboxes. I have started a library of my own for just such a task.
15 June Stephen Michaelis / golang / pixel
In the last snippet we saw the different fields of data we could obtain from the pixelgl Monitor struct. Now lets expand on the Create-a-Window tutorial from pixel and make use of the fields we do not see used. We know that we can retreive information on multiple monitors, I am only going to be using a single primary monitor for these snippets. primary monitor: -name: eDP -bitDepth: 8-bit red, 8-bit green, 8-bit blue -physicalSize: 509 mm, 286 mm -position: 0, 0 upper-left corner -refreshRate: 59 Hz -size: 1920 px, 1080 px -video mode 0: -width: 640 px, height: 480 px, refresh rate:59 Hz -.
14 June Stephen Michaelis / golang / pixel
Like many, I am sure, I dove right in and created a window in pixel as my first interaction with the GoLang package. After creating a window I wanted to find out how I could resize the window or make the window fullscreen. So I have decided to explore the pixelgl monitor.go file. I want to find what properties and values I can get when detecting my monitor or monitors.