Who is this nerd?

My name is Stephen Michaelis, my full time job is developing and supporting software. I also like to code as a hobby, I can hear Bugs Bunny now “What a maroon!”, that is the usual response, but I genuinely love to code. About 8 or 9 years ago I started to learn C#, I treasured the language. C# was the first language that I felt truly comfortable writing. About 2 years ago, I created a goal for myself and decided to use C# to write a simple 3D game, one that I could publish online. Although it is not very popular, I gained a lot of experience building it.

MemoryLapse is the game I created using the monogame framework. It is just like the memory card game. I used kid friendly art designed by freepik, sensational music from purple planet and a physics engine by jitter physics.

Lately I have been programming in the Go language, better known as GoLang. I have been truely addicted to the Go language for the last several months, it has and will be my primary language going forward. Once I discovered Go and tried a few lines of code I instantly fell in love with the syntax. Then I dug up some of its background, I gew very fond of the Go culture.

Enough about programming, I do enjoy other things, I love hiking trails, judo and board games. My family and I recently started getting into board games, not the traditional games, we have been going on a tabletop adventure for the last several months. We started out with Mice and Mystics and Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre and now our collection has grown to over 40 games.

That is me in the back behind my awesome kids and next to my beautiful wife. Please enjoy the site, I will be blogging about MemoryLapse, tabletop games we own, information and code I have played with in Go.

My Family

Be kind, Steve

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