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Windows Mobile

I updated the code on the weekend packaged it and sent it to the Windows Store, just waiting for it to be certified and published. The new package will include 64-bit and Windows Mobile. Next week I will start working

Lessons Learned

I have dug back into my MemoryLapse code, it has been a long, long time. I noticed I was doing something very embarrassing. I was performing IO calls to the database in one of my Update functions. Sometimes you just

SQLite Database

Not much going on this weekend, did not have much free time. I did start setting up a database so I build an unlocking system for levels and themes. Added the ‘SQLite-net-pcl’ and ‘SQLite.Core.UAP’ NuGet packages to my Universal Windows

3D Particle System

This morning I put together a 3D particle system to fling out gold coins when you make a match. Let me know if it is too cheesy.

I have been working on the menu.

I put the virtual keyboard on hold, this morning I started working on on a Menu. Check it out. Leave a comment, good or bad. What should be improved. Your browser does not support the video tag.

Some updates

– added keyboard and gamepad support – updated the fonts – updated the background art for each theme – starting to work on a virtual keyboard

Welcome to Memory Lapse.

Hi I’m Steve, I have been playing with monogame as a hobby for the last few months and have started building Memory Lapse. Memory Lapse is my first real attempt at building a game. It is still very much in